Empowering the Blind Citizen

We therefore, the democratically empowered negotiants of the United States of America, appeal to the Supreme Deity, Deities or Objects of Worship to witness the non-discriminatory nature of our aspirations for an alternative paradigm and with the consensual approval of the community

If this is taken seriously, democracy must be by far the most challenging form of government – both for the politicians and for the people. Over and over again, history has shown that the process of building democracy is a very complicated one.

The winning entries will receive grants of up to £18,000 to run pilot projects to promote democratic engagement. Each project enables and assists people to discuss public issues and to influence government and local policy making in innovative ways.

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  • Have a company car wash at lunch time
  • Run a car boot sale with all employees having to give something
  • Get a donation to shave off beard, or hair (head or chest)
  • Have a company ‘Fun Run’
  • Have a company karaoke evening
  • Have a company quiz night

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He has encouraged demonstrative outbursts against acceptance of the prevailing socio-economic situation particularly amongst members of the indigenous populations whose legitimate concerns about albinocentric monoculturalism have such merit that they occasionally result in seemingly-inappropriate behavior patterns.

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