The Science Behind Best Collagen Powders

best collagen powders

Is Collagen the secret to youthful vitality?

The protein in our bodies is 65% collagen, but as we age our bodies are unable to produce the levels of collagen necessary!

The Science Behind Collagen Supplements

Collagen’s extraordinary attributes are now known by way of advanced research conducted on this multidimensional protein. The significance of collagen is now undeniable, and so is the link between proteins and amino acids. Amino acids have long been valued as an important nutritional supplement and one of the critical building blocks in our bodies.

Proteins are complex groups of amino acids. As explained by expert on collagen Robin Hamilton of Wellness Wires: “The human body consists of 20% protein. Collagen creates 30% of all protein present – it is the main protein of structure in our bodies.”

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