Where Does My Money Go?


Define your concept. What will you do? The British public have exceptional accessibility to certifications and datasets outlining the operations of the main institutions around them. UKOP have catalogued 450,000 post-1980 documents from over 2000 public bodies. Websites such as Directgov and National Data Online, in addition to the huge selection of main, regional as … Read more

Engagement on Track


Describe your concept. What will you do? One of the greatest problems about involving is regional freedom is that points never change. Which isn’t true. Things do transform – but public organizations are notoriously poor at informing individuals what has actually changed – as well as at keeping individuals who initially increase a concern or … Read more

Political personality profiles


Describe your idea. What will you do? Devise and implement a political profiling questionnaire, working with opinion researchers and a panel of people with political and policy experience. We will seek to move beyond the common left-right/authoritarian-libertarian graph and build a more complex picture. Users who take the questionnaire will express views on a range … Read more

Sociology Online


Welcome to Sociology Online, the UK’s source for all pupils of sociology The site is mainly committed to the subject of Sociology. We wish you locate the site both academic and also pleasurable to use. Tests and Crosswords Currently with 10 new and also lately updated quizzes as well as crosswords! Attempt Sociologyonline’s Games section … Read more

Empowering the Blind Citizen


We therefore, the democratically empowered negotiants of the United States of America, appeal to the Supreme Deity, Deities or Objects of Worship to witness the non-discriminatory nature of our aspirations for an alternative paradigm and with the consensual approval of the community If this is taken seriously, democracy must be by far the most challenging form of … Read more